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Jaimie Hoffman

2.17 Job Search Tips

On this month’s episode, the panel discusses tips from their various careers for anyone actively job searching or considering a job search in the near future. Also related to this month’s topic, we’re excited to share our co-host Jaimie Hoffman’s new podcast, Pivoting out of Edu. Check it out!

2.16 Professional Development

Listen in on this week’s roundtable discussion as our hosts chat about access to various professional development opportunities and some of their best practices when trying to grow their skillset. Our hosts also discuss what they think about graduate programs and if they are needed for the next step in a career!

2.15 Predictions for higher education post-COVID

Our hosts make some predictions about what higher education will look like in a post-COVID world. Will students still want to take online classes? Will universities allow staff to continue working remotely? Will students be able to continue doing administrative processes remotely?  Tune in to hear our predictions!

2.14 Goals for 2021

After a brief message about our new name, all of the hosts share some personal and professional goals for the year ahead. 

1.13 2020 Year in Review!

All the hosts of the podcast come together to reflect and process the year that was. Also, don’t worry, we’ll talk about the name change very soon! 

1.12 Gratitude for Innovation Month – Student Leaders

In the month of November, the Student Affairs Nerds Podcast team will be highlighting innovations for which students are most grateful. In this episode, you will meet two very involved student leaders who share their experiences during the pandemic sweeping the nation and the world currently. Additionally, they share the innovations and opportunities that have been the most useful to them in their academic and co-curricular lives. So, have a seat (or a run… whatever you do when you listen to podcasts) and take a sip (of whatever your choice… Read More »1.12 Gratitude for Innovation Month – Student Leaders

1.11 Innovations in Online Education with John Katzman

If you want to think differently about higher education and student support, listen to perspectives from individuals adjacent to, or even outside of, higher education. Many of you may have never heard of online program management and I’d venture to say you haven’t thought about the topics discussed on this episode in quite the same way. I’m joined today by John Katzman, CEO of Noodle Partners, an online program management company. John provides unique insight into strategies for bringing down the cost of higher education and envisioning a future for higher education… Read More »1.11 Innovations in Online Education with John Katzman

1.10 Online Alumni Engagement & Partnerships

This episode features Solomon (host) and another personal friend and colleague on the show, Ms. Gelli Ann Dayrit. Gelli Ann received her M.Ed. in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs at the University of Southern California and B.S. in Child Development at San Diego State University. She currently serves as Assistant Director of the Department of Alumni Relations and Events at West Coast University.  Before joining WCU, Gelli Ann worked at the Center for Student Leadership at the University of California, Irvine as the Transitions Program Coordinator. Gelli Ann has a… Read More »1.10 Online Alumni Engagement & Partnerships

1.9 Fraternity & Sorority Recruitment Amidst a Global Pandemic

It is so great to feature a personal friend and colleague of Solomon Matthew’s on the show, Reginald Lane. We dive into discussions about what challenges lie ahead for those professionals who work in Fraternity and Sorority Affairs as they begin Fall Recruitment and another programming, online. We also dive into potential solutions that the University of Florida’s Office of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs has discovered along the way to the start of their Fall semester.

1.8 The CSU, Innovation, Equity during and beyond COVID

In our previous episodes, we’ve explored some adjustments and innovations folx have made during COVID19 and here we are continuing in that vein. Only this time, we get the bird’s eye view of the transition to migrating the California State University system online. As you may know, CSU is the largest four-year public university system in the United States with 23 campuses enrolling almost 500,000 students and about 26,000 faculty and 25,000 staff. I had the honor of getting to know our guest, Michael Berman when he came to CSU… Read More »1.8 The CSU, Innovation, Equity during and beyond COVID