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1.11 Innovations in Online Education with John Katzman

If you want to think differently about higher education and student support, listen to perspectives from individuals adjacent to, or even outside of, higher education. Many of you may have never heard of online program management and I’d venture to say you haven’t thought about the topics discussed on this episode in quite the same way. I’m joined today by John Katzman, CEO of Noodle Partners, an online program management company. John provides unique insight into strategies for bringing down the cost of higher education and envisioning a future for higher education that is not bound by a physical campus.

Prior to starting Noodle, John founded and ran two significant public companies. In 2008, he founded 2U, where he served as CEO until 2012. Prior to that, he founded The Princeton Review and served as its CEO until 2007. Under his leadership, the Review achieved market dominance, helping the majority of students applying to US colleges and universities find, get into, and pay for school.

I’ve worked in John’s company for three and a half years and have deeply appreciated getting to work in his company. He’s a student of higher education, clearly reading and thinking deeply about how to bring down the cost while pushing the quality. He’s a visionary leader, skilled at crafting an innovative direction and getting the right people on the bus to achieve his vision. Finally, he’s a pretty cool, down to earth kind of guy who is really great to be around.

All of this contributes to making Noodle a REALLY great place to be!

~ Jaimie 

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