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1.4 Virtual Bingo at North Dakota State University with Jen Kacere Episode

Typically Residence Hall Associations on college campuses hold events to foster social engagement and community building in residence halls. With universities being closed due to COVID, halls are mostly empty and social engagement while physical distancing has to look different. The RHA at North Dakota State University got creative by hosting a series of online events including Virtual Bingo Event that was a huge success. Over 120 students attended, stayed the entire time, and organically opted to stay later to chat in break out groups, and had a blast. I learned of this event when it was posted in the Virtual Event Ideas Facebook Group by Jen Kacere, Assistant Director for Leadership Development, North Dakota State University. Lots of folks wanted to know how Jen made this event happen so we’re so lucky to have her on the podcast to share the ins and outs of Virtual Bingo.

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