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Episode 1.2 Hostful featuring Co-Host Dustin Ramsdell: eSports & Campus Life

ESports is quickly becoming an integral part of the myriad of experiences available to students at colleges and universities. The institutional commitment around eSports ranges from student organizations to Varsity programs that offer scholarships and grants for competitive eSports athletes.  

In fact, in January of 2008, even Forbes magazine published an article, eSports is the new college football.

One fact is certain.  Collegiate eSports is sweeping the nation. 

We are thrilled to share this discussion with Dustin Ramsdell about the unique role that eSports plays in campus life and varsity athletics. Most importantly, in this episode, we will go on a quest to explore the ways that eSports is providing a revolutionary experience for students on campus in the digital age. Furthermore, we will explore the communities that eSports programs create on campus, and the unique way that Twitch, a streaming service, brings competitive eSports to the devices of adoring fans. I think you will be surprised to hear just how impactful eSports can be.

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